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People receive most of their information through the moving image. With a film, you have the possibility to address many senses and sentiments, and thus convey information in an informative and interesting fashion.

Therefore it makes good sense to communicate safety management principles, guidelines or training through film.

With an information film it’s also possible to communicate very clearly and precisely, and thereby reduce the risk of mis-understanding.

Below are some examples of information films in their full length.

KEB   Danish Ministry of the Environment - Nature Agency
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2 min.
KEB   Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building
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4 1/2 min.
Rockwool   Rockwool - Clima film
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9 min.
KL   KL - Introductory film
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8 min.
Kongelige bibliotek   Kongelige bibliotek
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20 min.
Hardi   Hardi - Navigator
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5 min.

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